Monday, September 13, 2010

One time I tried to go to the bathroom by msyelf

If you have younger children, you know my dillemna.

I just want to go to the "potty" all by myself.

I don't want someone cheering for me for going to the potty or trying to stick his hands in the toilet while I am trying to wash my hands.

I just need to be alone.

As soon as I get in the bathroom, Maggie suddenly has to go "really, really, really bad" and starts saying things like, "can you hurry up, mama?" and doing the potty dance in front of me.

Since Patrick is so little, I can't really lock myself in the potty. I kinda need to know what he is doing and make sure that he is not standing on top of the coffee table in the living room by pushing up the new firetruck to the edge of the coffee table and climbing up to reach the buttons on the forbidden tv.

So, one night, after dinner, I made an announcement. I told everyone in the house that I was going to the potty. I said something like, "I am going to the potty cause I am a big girl and can go all by myself."

Nah, I think I threatened everyone in the house and made them promise not to come in the potty with me.

I repeated it to Maggie. I made her promise that she understood.

I repeated it to Steven and made him promise not to let Patrick wander into the bathroom.

I closed the door from the laundry room and from my closet. (Can you believe I am posting about going to the potty on the internet for anyone to read?)

I sat there and enjoyed the silence.

Then, I heard a scratch on the door. I thought about killing someone. Who didn't listen to me rant on and on?!

I heard another scratch.

I saw a paw.

Sparky stuck his tabby paw under the bathroom door and was trying to open it up and come in the bathroom with me.

Please tell me at some point I will miss having someone in the bathroom with me at all times.


Take heart... said...

BAhahaa! Coco follows me in there too. And since she won't be going off to college, I'm guessing that I'll ave to deal with this for a long time to come. ;)

Amanda said...

I always have a dog or a cat in the bathroom with me and if the door is shut there is either a howl (Cosmo) or a scratching to get in. I can understand your pain..:(

Anonymous said...

Silas always wants to sit in my lap when I'm using the bathroom... (I tell him no.)