Friday, September 17, 2010

Possibly the best day ever

According to Maggie: This is possibly the best day ever.

A little back story. This week, our church is celebrating our 90th anniversary. We are having a big event in the park and a big church service on Sunday. To say that our family was busy this week is a slight understatement. We have been out or working on stuff every night this week.

While Maggie is excited about the movie in the park, she is more excited about what's happening tonight. About two months ago, Donna and I decided to take the girls to see the Jonas Brothers in concert with Camp Rock 2. Maggie and Jessica have been counting down the days for about a month.

Last night, Donna took the girls to her house to make posters. There was a great debate over whose sign should say "marry me, joe". In the end, this is Maggie's poster.
From June 2010
Notice where it says "it's me maggie". I guess that is so Joe will know which girl it was that sent him a letter in the mail about a month ago.

Maggie woke up this morning and screamed when she remembered that tonight was the concert. Fridays are an awesome day anyway because of fun school activities. I suggested that we count all the exciting things that today was going to bring. I started her off by saying that she "gets to have a spelling test today" and she said, "and it's pizza day on Friday and art class and Katelyn's coming over for a few minutes (cause her daddy's having his wisdom teeth removed) and we're going to Jonas and WE GET CHICK FIL A!"

She screamed that today was "possibly the best day ever".

While I wouldn't have normally been excited about seeing Nick, Joe and Kevin and I get them mixed up a lot. I'm very excited for Maggie tonight. We're going to have fun with Jessica and Donna and it's going to be a fun memory of her first concert.

Sometime later, I'll tell you about my first concert. Any guesses on who it was?


Amanda said...

Wow, sounds like you have a little engergy ball on your hands! Hope you survive the concert, maybe earplugs, if you need some I think Robert has a few extra from flying. Tell Maggie I hope she has fun and I am sure it could possibly be the best day of her life now. I think I probably would have been the same way had I seen NKOTB back in the day! :)

Valerie said...

This must be how my parents felt taking me to see the Backstreet Boys all the time... I won tickets twice and they also bought them for me a few times... sigh. I will always love Brian Thomas Littrell. Even if we are both married now.