Monday, September 27, 2010

Wal*Mart stranger

Yesterday, I went to Wal*Mart to get some milk. As I walked down an aisle, I saw a lady that looked vaguely familiar. It's weird that people are starting to look familiar to me here. I guess I never thought that I would start to recognize people while I was out. In LaGrange, going to Wal*Mart ensured that you would see someone you knew!

As I came up to this lady, she looked like a girl that I knew from MOPS when we first moved here. I looked at her for a minute because this lady had darker hair than I remembered. As I walked by, she said, "HEY! How are you doing?".

So, I chatted with her for a minute because it must have been that girl from MOPS. I told her that she looked different and I almost didn't recognize her with her new hair do. It looked like a different color than I remembered. She said, "oh, cause it's longer?".

This was about 33.5 seconds into the conversation, I realized that I HAD NO IDEA WHO THIS LADY WAS!

I felt panicked. How was I going to get out of this conversation? I couldn't find the words to tell her that I just realized that I didn't know who she was. I mean, we had been talking for a few minutes.

She asked me what was new in my life. I mumbled something about Maggie and school and tried to gauge her reaction. Nothing. Did she know me?

Crap. I had to get outta there. I said it was nice to see her (again?) and walked away. Then, I started laughing. What a bizarre interaction.

So, if you see me at Wal*Mart, (why was I there anyway?)I may or may not talk to you. I'm a little gun shy now!

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Walking to China said...

That is truly funny! We had that a lot when we worked at the international church. Random people from various countries would greet us and half the time I didn't have any idea of who they were!
Now we are in China where everyone in our neighborhood knows who the foreigners are!