Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wee sing

When Maggie was 11 months old, we went away to Destin for the weekend. It was during a tough spot of our ministry life and we needed a break. It was a fun weekend, but definitely not relaxing. Maggie was a busy, busy little girl!

During our trip, we went to the outlets and wandered into a book store. There was a wee sing music tape. Do ya'll remember wee sing?We used to listen to it when I was little. It's little kids singing Sunday school songs.

So, we bought it or maybe Memaw bought it. I don't remember. But, I got the tape and there was a CD of the same songs, so Memaw took it. We listened to it a lot and it was fun to listen to Maggie sing along with songs.

Maggie always got the words to a song mixed up where it said, "that your joy maybe full". She would say, "that your joy is baby bull".

We put it away for a while so we could listen to "cooler music", but now Patrick loves it. He's at a stage where he HATES being in his car seat and Wee sing is sometimes the only thing that soothes the savage beast.

So, we have been listening to this tape (can you believe I have a tape player in my car?) a lot lately. We got in the car to go to Jamestown, CA this weekend and put the tape in the player. Right in the middle of "praise ye the Lord, hallelejuah", the unthinkable happened. My 6 year old tape broke.

I was already planning in my head how to download the songs onto my phone and we could listen to the music. But, Maggie and Steven had a different plan. They love to fix stuff and actually fixed the tape. I'm so glad to have it back. It really does calm Patrick down (at least for a few seconds).

So, thank you, wee sings. You have been a part of our lives for quite some time and I hope we keep you there a little longer.

And thank you for teaching my baby girl this.


Yvonne said...

I love how kids make up the words they think they are saying. Just an little note on that. When Harlie was younger, probably Maggie's age, when we would go to church, the choir would sing and the part of the song would be "Hallelujah", Harlie would sing Harlie-loo-ya! I still rag on her today about it in church!

Anonymous said...

Cute story :)

Bonus points for fixing a cassette tape - that's a lost art.

Steven said...

Noah, I am a pro at fixing cassette tapes...it is like riding a bike...once you learn, you never forget...now Maggie know how!