Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Sometimes I feel like my facebook page makes me look like I have schizophrenia. I post instagram pictures followed by funny (I think) things that my kids say. Then, I post contests and sweepstakes that probably annoy everyone. Then, for good measure, I throw in a couple of God articles to really throw everyone off.

Why haven't ya'll had me committed yet?

I feel like my life is very centered around my kids. I spend the most time with them. I can talk American Girl dolls with the best of them. My daughter is walking American Girl encyclopedia and wants to share that knowledge with the people around her. Patrick wants me to play cars and watch Daniel Tiger with him. I can talk that talk, too. Want me to pretend like my station wagon is a trolley taking us to school? Got it. I think they are adorable and I want to share my cute pictures of them with you. I try not to be too annoying with my posts of my cute kids. But, seriously, they are cute.

Sometimes I just want to mindlessly zone out in front of the computer after they have gone to bed and surf and play candy crush (blush). So, I do. I play candy crush and enter contests. I try not to be too annoying with my posts about sweepstakes.

Sometimes I read deeper stuff that I am passionate about. I'm passionate about God and adoption and helping others. I want to make the world better. I want to share Jesus. I'm still figuring out how to do that with smaller kids. I want to include them in it all, but Patrick still needs a nap, too. I read about people doing amazing things and I want to share those things too. Again, I might be annoying with this.

This is where I am in life. Trying not to annoy people (such a people pleaser) but feeling like the world needs to see this. 

I mean, seriously?! That dog is adorable. 

I am all over the place. I guess my facebook is just a glimpse into me. 

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