Thursday, August 22, 2013


Maggie got her star test results yesterday. I know that it's just a test and not always accurate and  all that stuff. However, she really, really did well on it. The amazing part was that she did better on math than she did on english. Math usually is a little more difficult for her. I had a horrible sinus headache yesterday. I am really over allergies.  So, when Steven suggested we go out to dinner to celebrate Maggie's star report, I was happy to go. I didn't want to cook!

We went to dinner and we were all sitting in a little booth together. When our dinner came, the kids grabbed our hands to pray. What usually happens is Maggie prays and Patrick adds an "amen" to the end of the prayer. This time he asked to pray. His pray was this:

"Dear Father, thank you for my mack truck. Amen."

I know he missed the point of praying for our dinner, but you can see where he finds his cars. Don't you love the "Father" part? That's not normally a word we say in our prayers, but it was so sweet.

We ate dinner and had a great time together. It's been a busy time in our lives and it was nice just to sit and talk and eat. Oh and not have to cook.

When we left, Maggie decided to ride home with Steven. Patrick got super excited. He decided that we should race and that we were going to win. He grabbed his huge backpack full of cars and ran to the front of the restaurant. Before we went to our separate cars, he yelled "We're gonna beat you" to Maggie and Steven.

Then, he threw up a peace sign and yelled "PEACE" to them before running to the car with his huge backpack bouncing on his back.

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