Friday, February 17, 2012

No, he's ours

Yesterday, I went to pick up Maggie from school. I was talking to Kirsten and Maggie and Katelyn were playing. Maggie's teacher called me over. I must confess that I thought, "oh crap. What did Maggie do?".

But, it was a good thing. Her teacher asked me if Patrick was adopted and I said that he was.

She laughed and said that they were talking about families in class today for language arts. They got to a section about adoption and Maggie raised her hand and told her teacher that Patrick was adopted.

Her teacher said that Patrick wasn't  and asked Maggie if she knew what adoption meant. Maggie said that she did and she was sure that Patrick was adopted. She thought maybe Maggie was confused.

Maggie went on to explain that we had adopted Patrick and she had gone to Stockton to watch us sign the adoption paperwork.

Maggie's teacher was shocked. She couldn't get over it and said, "But, he looks just like you." I laughed and said that I was glad that one of my kids looked like me.

She asked Maggie to bring in pictures of his adoption signing and I sent in the scrapbook that Christine made for me.Christine took pictures for us that day before she started her own photography business and the pictures are precious to me. It's one of my favorite things. Wanna see Christine's new website? Click here!

So, we shocked Maggie's teacher yesterday. I was talking to Maggie about it as we were walking to the car and another one of Maggie's friend's mom overheard us talking. She said, "WHAT?! Patrick's adopted?! NO. He couldn't be. He looks just like you!".

Yep. Here's the proof!

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