Friday, February 3, 2012

TLC: reality (?) show about pastor's wives

Ramona beat me to it, but I couldn't wait to blog about this. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote this article about the new reality show on TLC. The AJC says that TLC is in the works to start a reality show about the lives of pastor's wives.

According to the article: TLC has ordered a new program that follows strong-willed Atlanta women with leadership roles in the city’s religious community. The women on the show manage day-to-day politics at churches, help troubled or needy congregants, and hire and fire staff. Some even step up to the pulpit to sermonize.

What?! Why didn't they ask me? Oh, I guess it's cause we're not living in Georgia anymore. That's the only reason, right?

Or maybe it's cause I don't have enough drama in my life. Don't they know about the random people ringing my doorbell at 10 at night asking for blankets or eating the goldfish crackers in my front yard. What else do they want?

Or maybe it's because according to the Huffington post, they are highlighting women who: The Real Housewives of Atlanta," will follow the "outspoken ladies who work to ensure that their churches run as smooth as Southern-churned butter."

Southern-churned butter? Well, what church is that? And really what is southern-churned butter? Is this some kind of slam against Paula Deen and her recent diabetes ordeal.

Okay, back on topic. How in the world can this be a good thing? Most  women that I know who are married to ministers don't want to be on a reality show. I guess I can hope that it will show ministry in a good light. But, it's just not going to be a real look at ministry. I guess it could give the general public a glimpse into the lives of ministers and their families.

I read in one of these articles that the wives in this show will be married to pastors who at mega churches and have to deal with financial issues and groupies going after their husbands. I can relate to the financial issue part, but Steven doesn't have any groupies. So, I probably won't get tapped to be in this latest reality show.


Rebekah Sanders said...

I have a bad feeling about this show. A very bad feeling. For years, I've broken the stereotype of being the "typical" pw. I have a feeling what I'm going to see on this show is a lot of broken women who are trying hard to fit a mold. Not women who are actually being themselves and stepping into the role God has called them to. I guess we're going to find out, aren't we?

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh what will they think of next?

Ramona @pwconnect said...

But I can imagine the drawl that goes with the phrase, "smooth as Southern churned butter"! *dreamy sigh* p.s. I added a linky to that post if you want to add this post to that page. I also added a poll with all the descriptions I could find of that show. I'll be interested to see the results. Some of them aren't all that off-base. It's just the half-truths and drama mixed in...

Amanda said...

What makes me nervous is the fact that TLC has a way of putting people in the worst possible light. If they showed the day to day realities of "fishbowl" life, this show could be an eye opener for people...but it sounds like that is NOT the direction they're going to take.