Thursday, February 9, 2012


Last night, I saw a job opening for a teaching position at a local college. It's a a full time job teaching psychology. I am not necessarily looking for a job right now, but you don't see full time teaching jobs at a college with just a master's degree very often.

I was telling Steven about it and I read the job description to him. Then, I read the salary range. The upper end of the range was close to $100,00.

One hundred thousand dollars.

That's a crap load of money.

This made me tempted to apply for the job. But, not really.

This has been such a dillema for me since we moved here. We are taken care of by Steven's salary and by living in the parsonage. I actually make a decent amount of money teaching online classes. It's pretty good for part time work.

We are working really hard on getting our debt paid off and living on a budget. It's amazing how much we were blowing each month. And it feels good to be on track.

But, $100,000?! Seriously? We could pay off all our debt (even Steven's stupid student loans), go on vacation, the list goes on and on.

Usually, I would have applied right then. I felt differently about it this time. I enjoy my life. I love hanging out with Patrick's a few days a week. I like volunteering in Maggie's class. I like meeting Danielle for coffee during Patrick's nap time.I (sometimes) like being the president of the school's parent club. I like being able to see Steven during the day if he is working late nights. I like being able to catch up on laundry during the week.

I feel content with where I am right now. I mean, we could do some crazy, cool things with that much money. And it's fun to daydream about that much money.

Maybe in a few years....but I'm happy right now.

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