Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shameless Mama Bragging

(Please note that I am bragging about my daughter here. I gotta write this stuff down or I'm afraid I'll forget and I am so proud of Maggie)

Today, I was in Maggie's class grading papers and cutting out laminated words. Maggie's teacher asked me if I heard about Maggie's big news.

She hadn't told me, yet, so her teacher made this announcement to the class while I was there.

Maggie's teacher said that she tested Maggie's reading fluency. Fluency is tested by how fast a child can read without making a mistake. She had to read 85 words in a minute to pass. Maggie read 165 words in a minute!

I am so proud of her. She was proud, too. She is so sensitive and has had kind of a hard time lately. I was glad to hear this news. Her teacher made me promise to get Maggie a surprise to celebrate her accomplishment.

I think I can handle that!


Jill said...

hey beth :) i found your blog through the pastor's wives blog.

just wanted to say that your little girl is lovely...and i think it's amazing that she is such a good reader. i'll bet you read to her a lot when she was little!

when i was her age, i was a really good reader, too. i always thought it helped me so much in school and college!

good job, mama! and i'm glad i found your blog :)

Walking to China said...

Yay for sweet Maggi!

Brandy Keen said...

Yay Maggie!!

Valerie said...

I am so happy to hear this Beth! I love to read- us bookworms gotta stick together :)