Monday, February 13, 2012

Kitty cat

Patrick likes to pretend to be a kitty cat. He gets on all fours and meows and will even give you a kitty cat kiss (aka lick you on the face).

Yesterday, Maggie was getting ready in her room. Patrick was meowing through the house and saw that Maggie's door was opened.

He crawled into Maggie's room and meowed at her.

In true, big sister fashion, Maggie said something sweet like, "Get outta my room, Pat Pat!".

He looked at her and hissed as loud as he could.


Brandy Keen said...

HahahahA!!! Sounds like something that would happen here. Love to hear the antics of those two. Perhaps one day I will get to meet them!!

A Pastor's wife said...

so cute. Zech and Hannah are puppies. We have eve gone as far as indulging them with food and water in a bowl that they lap up happily!