Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weight loss

On Friday, Steven and I were enjoying our Starbucks deliciousness and I asked him if he would be able to fit into his suit for Nikki and Jerry's wedding at the beginning of next month.

You see, Steven lost a lot of weight last year. I lost some weight, too. But, it's slowly creeping back on. I've gained about 10 pounds back this year and I didn't need to gain it. 10 pounds is a lot when you are 5 foot 2.

So, he said, "I guess I need to lose about 15 pounds before the wedding."

I almost spit out my Starbucks. But, I didn't. Cause that would be evil.

He was going to lose 15 pounds in 20 days?!

And the  crazy thing is that he probably will do it and I decided to join him in this crazy journey right before Christmas. I need to lose it and I really need to lose it before Lori's wedding. I have to get fitted for my dress at the end of January.

So, here we go. We're on day 2 and still feeling okay. No sugar does make me a little grumpy. But, the scale is already going down so that helps.  Wish us luck!

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Brandy Keen said...

It's really irritating that men lose weight so fast isn't it? I swear Kris can lose ten pounds in a week. Seriously, the guy can bounce back and forth between a 15lb weight range and his clothes still fit just fine. I gain 5lbs and my clothes don't. I couldn't lose ten pounds in 2 months!

Well, after that rant, good luck Beth!!!