Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Elf on the shelf

We have had an elf on the shelf for two years now. Last year, the elf mosly moved around the living room. But this year, he has gotten a little crazier. Here are some of his antics.

I guess he was hungry.

Writing a letter to Santa about the state of our family's behavior.

He drew on Maggie's preschool picture.

He fell in the box of dum dums from Halloween.

Hanging out with some Christmas peeps.

Making snow angels in sugar on our counters

 Reading tiny golden books with some other Christmas friends

 Sitting on a little sofa that used to belong to Twink

 Hanging around

Drinking a juice  box

Do any of you participate in Elf on the Shelf? What do you do?

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A Pastor's wife said...

this is so funny! Thanks for sharing