Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This guy loves to put things in his ears.

We first noticed it when he started requesting his "bee" to go to sleep. "Bee" looks just like Maggie's "quame"  and was given to Patrick. "Bee" is a blue blankie with a silk lining and he loves to sleep with it at night.

Patrick will take the tips of "bee" and put it in his ear. He will rub it around his ear and it just seems to comfort him when he is relaxing.

The funny thing is that this has transferred to other items now. In the car, he will take the strap of his car seat and put it in his ear. He will take off his boot and put the shoelace tip in his ear.

Tonight, he was playing with Copper and grabbed his tail. He sat down and put Copper's tail in his ear. Copper didn't appreciate this at all.

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