Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What I heard from the front seat of the car

Tonight, Maggie was talking to Memaw on the phone. This was the version of the conversation that I heard from the front seat of the car that took place on the way home.

Maggie: Hey, Memal.
Maggie: Yea, Daddy's not here right now. He's in the, um....what's it called again, mommy?
Me: The Philipines
Maggie: He's in the Philipeades, Memal
Maggie: Is it Patrick's day there in Georgia?
Maggie: Wow, it's Patrick's day here too. I'm wearing all green except for my my shorts. They are black. 'Scuse me. I had to say 'Scuse me cause I just burped. 'Scuse me again, Memal.
Maggie: Yea, Daddy's in the Philipeades for 16 days. He has to tell people there about Jesus because they don't know about Jesus there. It sure does take them a long time to hear about Him. I miss Daddy.

That was about it. She told me that she used to think (when she was 3) that Patrick's Day was named for Sponge Bob's friend, Patrick.

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Valerie said...


by the way, I know you guys are without Steven, so if you need anything at all you know where to find us :)