Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The fishies

Our daughter, the little environmentalist, will only use a little bit of water when brushing her teeth. This is in order to "save the water for the fishies".

Tonight, she was brushing her teeth and said,"I wish I was a fish. They never close their eyes when they are sleeping. I wish I could keep my eyes open when I was sleeping. I hate bedtime". I told her that a time would come when she would like going to sleep. She didn't believe me.

I can remember feeling that same way.I hated bedtime. I would wiggle and wiggle during bedtime. I used delay tactics like needing to get 1 more glass of water over and over. I got a note in kindergarten sent home to my mom. It said "Beth wiggles during naptime". Oh the horrors, at least I wasn't hitting someone during naptime.

Now, I would kill for a daily naptime. That sounds like heaven. To have an hour long nap during the middle of the day. I got somewhat used to it when Maggie took a nap everyday. Occasionally, I would head off the guilt and lay down while she napped too. But, she's too old for naptime now. UGH.

Back to the fishies, while she was rinsing and spitting, she screamed, "MOMMY!" I ran in the bathroom to see what was wrong. She said,"now I just spit all that yucky stuff on the fishies. They need clean water. What will they swim in?" Oh the drama.

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