Monday, November 3, 2008


Today, I took Maggie to see High School Musical 3. My friend. Laura, sent us free tickets to see it.

I have never seen someone so excited. She was sick from yesterday, but she was so excited. She was dancing and singing during the first half of the show. I didn't watch most of it because I was watching her watch it. She just danced and hit me on the arm because she was so happy.

There was a weird commercial for Jon and kate plus 8 before the movie started. Kind of weird. It's funny how Maggie noticed the product placement in the show. She was pointing all kinds of stuff in their show. Of course, she is a tv fan. Tonight, she told me that she had to watch the new Dora show because it was a prime time premiere episode on tonight.

R got a first haircut today. Let me tell you. He hated it with all of his heart. At the end of it, he threw himself on the floor in a gigantic fit. Lovely. All of his curls are gone and he looks like a little boy instead of a baby girl. It's a good look for him! He has gotten a little more 18 month lately. I told the SW today that it was pretty funny, because he was going to have to throw bigger fits than that to get us to notice. It's like little baby fits. Awww.....

Also, we heard today that it's almost certain that they will go to a grandmother. I am not happy at all about this. However, I have to be okay with it. It's just so sad that they will be leaving us and it's sad that they have to move again. Poor little guys. We are still just praying about the whole thing.

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