Saturday, November 1, 2008

A small crack?

Tonight after her bath, J ran to the living room and then came back to the bathroom and screamed, I have to potty. She went to the potty and actually went! YAY! Steven and I did the potty dance and she was so excited. She started laughing and shouting and then cried a little. But, a happy cry. I hugged her and then we went to get dressed. She said, I have to go potty again, so I followed her back to the potty where she went again. Again, a potty dance and excitement.

But, then, she let me in a little. She tickled me and we played a game where she was running from the snapping all-dagators and I would save her. Then, she let me rock her and we talked about her favorite color.

It was interesting. It was so different from our interactions all this last week. She has pushed and pushed me away. She loves Steven, though. But, in a way that pushed me away from her. All day, we fought and fought. So, tonight, we ended on a high. I kissed her goodnight and she said "i like you". sigh.


Bug said...

Awwww....I like you, too mommy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Beth, I just wanted to let you know that I have been following your journey with the two little ones and I have to say that Dave and I chose the right family for Kayli to be brought up in if anything ever happens to us. Your determination to love them and make them apart of your family regardless of how hard it gets brings me comfort. I know that Kayli will be in good hands! Love you guys, Chelle