Sunday, November 2, 2008

Silly little guy

Steven rearranged our entire kitchen today. Like everything out on the counters and back in and rearranged back into the cabinets. We set up a small snack area with snacks in small baggies that is reachable for the kids. Right under that shelf is the shelf with dog and cat food.

R has decided that he is hungry all the time. And he wants to feed himself. So, he was signing "more" and I told him no more snacks. He opened up the cabinet near the snack shelf and handed me a can of Friskies cat food. Then, he signed "more".

Then, I was drying my hair in the bathroom. Maggie was talking about something of great importance to her and I was not really paying attention to R. After I finished drying my hair, I turned around. R put an empty box of Cheez Nips in the toilet. He carried the box all day hoping that there were be some Cheez Nips in the box. I guess he was tired of there not being any snacks in the box and put the box in the potty.

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