Thursday, July 31, 2008

Working out

Steven and I joined the gym this summer. At first, I mostly used it for the swimming pool. Maggie and I would go and cool off in the afternoon at the pool. I occassionally went to the water aerobics class, but we have been gone a lot this summer so I haven't used the gym a lot.

Last week, I realized how much better I feel when I walk for 30 minutes. There's a child care section that Maggie can go to while I work out. At first, she hated going, but now she enjoys it. She loves Wednesdays, too. They have a gym class for kids and she showed me her "yogo" moves this morning. It was pretty cute.

So, I think I set a new record for me. I worked out 5 times last week. I have been 3 times this week so far. I might only make it 4 times this week because of a work day on Saturday at church. Of course, I haven't lost any weight, but I feel better and I know it's good for my borderline high blood pressure.

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