Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm in the South

I forget that I love the south. I love how friendly people are. I was in the bathroom. There was a mom with 4 boys under 4. How do I know this? Every lady in there was helping out the mama with her boys and talking to her. While this was going on, 2 ladies met and realized that they had gone to the same high school. Only in the south would this happen!

I'm in New Orleans. I spent the night with my dad and stepmom. They are taking care of Maggie for the week. They all seemed excited. I hope they are excited when I pick her up!

I'm delayed by 30 minutes and then going to Atlanta. I have a 2 hour lay over there. I hope that I make it to Richmond in time. i have a back up flight. Evidently all the flights are delayed coming in and out of Atlanta. I should be in Atlanta at the exact same time that Steven is there, but he leaves on a later flight.

AND...he left his cell phone at home. If anyone needs him this week, call me. I hope he reads this or gets the email that I left him about my change in flights.

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