Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can we go to the mall?

We were camping this weekend. I don't think Maggie is a outdoorsy girl! She hates bugs and being hot.

At one point during the weekend she said: "does anyone want to go to the mall with me?".

Then, she said:" I just want to go home and watch some tivo!".

I don't think we have a girl scout on our hands.


Danny said...
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Rebekah Sanders said...

Sounds like my kind of girl! I am sooo not the outdoorsy type of girl. I love being outside - but give me a nice warm shower and comfy bed to sleep in! And don't forget the wi-fi connection!

Bug said...

Well, Maggie's Memaw loves to camp so she doesn't get that from me. However, I'm all for a trip to the mall. Tell her to call me. I'll go.

Brandy said...

Bwahahahaha!! Too funny!