Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I heart my hubby

1. He spent all morning on the phone with the IRS. They said that Maggie didn't exist because of an inverted number in her SS number. She does exist and now they believe us. However we won't be able to get her as part of the stimulus package until next year. Good thing we weren't counting on it.

2. He is so cool that the Brethren church wants him to speak at the National Conference next week. He's going to kill me for talking about this. Want more details? Bug him on his blog.....www.stevencole.org

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Bug said...

Well, first off:
1. I know Maggie exists. If the IRS wants more proof, I can send them the dozens of scrapbooks that I have featuring....TA DUM Maggie Cole.
2. What is Steven's topic?