Monday, June 30, 2008

a couple of things

1.We took Maggie to the doctor today. She had to get her 4 year old shots. She was so grown up. She didn't even whimper as she got the shots. I was amazed.

2. She didn't pass her vision exam. We have an appointment on Wednesday at a pediatric eye doctor. I'm not surprised that she didn't pass. She squints her eyes at words far away to read them. The doctor said that she didn't expect 4 year olds to have perfect vision, however, her eyes were drastically different. In one eye, she got to the 5th line of the chart. In the other eye, she only got to the 3rd line. At least, we know that she looks cute in glasses. She loves to wear reading glasses!

3.My mom bought me a cookbook when I was about 10 years old. I loved it! I loved helping her cook in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I lost it in our house fire. I missed it, but didn't think about it until recently. Maggie wants to help in the kitchen. Guess what? Through the magic of ebay..................I got the cookbook that I loved in the mail on Saturday.

1 comment:

Bug said...

Hey! You didn't tell me you got your book. Send me a picture of it!
Well, happy cooking. I love having you in the kitchen with me!