Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving Day #2

It's Wednesday. Day #2. Think I can keep this up?

I'm thankful today for my Wednesday morning breakfast with Maggie. I have changed my volunteering time in her classroom to Wednesday mornings. So, I just stay at school with her until her class goes to lunch. It's been a really great time for me. I am working with the kids on counting money and on carrying with 2 digit numbers. My dad would think it's hilarious that I'm teaching kids math skills. But, I think 2nd grade math is my limit!

Since I can't survive until 11 a.m. without coffee, I suggested to Maggie that we leave a little early for school and stop at Starbucks and have some breakfast. She loves this. We call it our breakfast dates. She was so upset last Wednesday because Steven couldn't take Patrick to Sandee's house and we had to skip our breakfast date together.

We usually get the protein package and an unsweetened black iced tea and an iced coffee with splenda and cream. She eats the hard boiled egg and I get the peanut butter in the package. She poses for goofy pictures. We talk about chasing boys on the playground and spelling contracts and important stuff like that. It's just a time for me to really be able to listen to her.

I'm thankful for Wednesday morning breakfast dates.

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Brandy Keen said...

Really sweet... those are special times.