Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving #9

I am so thankful for Sandee, the wonderful lady who watches and loves Patrick. I met her at the water park 2 summers ago. I started talking to her and saw how sweet she was with the kids that she was watching. I got her phone number and went to her house and signed up Patrick right away.

From the moment, he started going to her house, she loved Patrick. She feeds him, changes him, watches him for me. But, more than that, she really cares for him. And she loves each of the kids that she watches.

She has been so worried about him over the past few months as he has lost weight and stopped eating and battled with his tonsils. During that time, I couldn't get him to eat anything, but he would still eat for her.

I am so grateful for her and for the love that she shows to Patrick. I got the best phone call from her today. She called to tell me something funny that he was doing. She is amazed by his recovery. She said that it was like the doctors took out his tonsils and gave us back our sweet little boy.

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