Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving #23

Today, I'm thankful for our little family's thanksgiving day together. I was feeling left out of the big family get together in Georgia, but it's just not practical for us to go out there this year.

But, I think it's going to be okay. We have the day all planned out. We are going to eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast and go see the Muppet movie in the morning. Then, back home for Dallas Cowboys' football and a small Thanksgiving dinner. I think it's cheating that I bought a small Jennie-o turkey, but I don't really care. Steven's making his mom's rolls and I'm making my mom's dressing, so it's all good.

I think that because we have made it into a fun thing that Maggie is more excited than ever about Thanksgiving. She asked if we could have whatever we wanted on Thanksgiving. I told her that we could since it was just us. She told me that she wanted to have "popcorn, toast, and jelly beans" (anyone catch that reference?) and pizza with turkey on it.

It should be a fun Thanksgiving day.

And just for's  a cute picture (cause it's my blog and I wanted to post a random picture here)


Full Circle said...

This Thanksgiving, although not in a traditional sense, will be the most memorable for your kids.

One Halloween, I told Airenne we were staying in and eating whatever she wanted. I dressed us up in really formal ballgowns, made her favorite chicken and rice dinner and we pigged out on candy. She STILL remembers it.

Bug said...

I'm so proud of Maggie for wanting the traditional Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner!