Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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4 years ago
Four years ago,on April 13th, Maggie made her grand entrance into the world. I can honestly say that my world has never been the same again. I felt like I knew you so well. Thinking back on it, your personality was coming through while you were still in the womb. You were so active. You hated getting the hiccups. You would kick and kick when Daddy would talk to my tummy at night.

You came into the world with the nurse yelling,"Hi, Maggie. She has red hair."
This is you at a few hours old.

You were not a very content baby. You cried a lot and just seemed frustrated. Thinking about it now, it seems to make sense. You had so much to tell us and you couldn't communicate it.

You started talking so quickly. You said Dada and Mama at 6 months old. You needed to get these things out so that you could move on to telling us how to handle life. How did we survive without you?

You are such a compassionate child. You want to love and baby everything. I remember you picking up flowers in the yard and rocking them and loving them like a baby.

You love things that are soft and fluffy. Kitties, puppies, anything that is small and fluffy will be named something unique and talked about for days. Your favorites change on a daily basis.

You are so curious about life and what is going on in the world around you. Your questions never stop. I love being in the car with you while you fire questions at me. I could never pull one over on you, because you ask so many questions that I have a hard time answering all of the questions.

I love your questions about God. You ask pretty deep questions about resurrection and heaven and God. You are starting to try to share your faith with your friends. That makes me so proud of you. We pray together and I love to hear your heart for each of your stuffed friends and real friends.

Sometimes I think that you are more like your Daddy than you are like me. You love to be the center of attention. You like to entertain everyone around you. You are both pretty stubborn, too. He is your Prince Charming and wants to protect you from those boys!

You are such a goofy goober. Your favorite thing in the whole world is to make someone laugh. This usually involves your trade mark "booty dance". I admit that I probably am the reason that you continue to do this because it cracks me up! You are so silly.

I am so glad that God placed you in our lives. He knew just the right little girl for our lives. One to challenge us and teach us about life and love. You are going to do great things in your life. God has such plans for you. I love you, baby girl.

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