Friday, June 4, 2010

Another oldie from xanga...

originally posted on 4/10/2008

Watch out groundhogs
If you are a groundhog in my backyard, I'm only telling you this to be nice. RUN. Dig your little hole far, far away from my backyard. I don't really care that you are there. It's kind of cute. My husband doesn't like you, but he's not going to hurt you or anything. However, you should watch out for this guy.

Not the cute little girl. Although, she might try to dress you up and put pink fingernail polish on your little claws. It's the cat pretending to be asleep. Oh and watch out for his accomplice.

I know, he looks dumb. But, together, they have killed 2 of your little friends. Your friend that I found today was being destroyed by the cat. He had pounced and he won. Please be careful. They are a duo. One sits by a hole and the other stalks the other holes, so as soon as you pop your cute little head up, you are a goner.

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