Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blogger's block

I haven't really blogged in a while. I mean, a real blog with my real feelings in it. I just don't "feel it" right now.

Have you ever felt this way? What got you over the writer's block? How did you start again? Do you keep a schedule with it?


Full Circle said...

I've found that if I don't blog with my REAL feelings for a long while, I'm usually hiding from something somewhere.

It's kinda like that with my prayer life too. :/

To get over it I just dig right in. I'm no help. lol.

beth said...

Oh no! I was like, great. What am I hiding that I didn't even know I was hiding?

Maybe I am hiding from blogging about Patrick's case. I think about that a lot and I don't want to blog about that since that could be dangerous to his privacy.

Full Circle said...

Oh! I wanted to add.. It's not always a case of hiding.. sometimes there are things that take a while to formulate. I have to mull them over, usually though, if I wait too long to write 'em down, the exhuberance is gone and most of my memory of the story behind the post too.

Noah said...

I try to post once a day, just to keep the habit, but go through dry spells for a long time. For me, if I'm not "feeling it" when I'm posting, it means I haven't been putting the extra time in to grow, since those are the posts that my heart gets behind - sharing something I've learned or a big thought that's filled my head. (see today's post - yeah, I'm feeling that one).

I also get in a funk about things like being homesick, and that stops any awesome from flowing.

I'm usually best when I journal before I blog, or at least between posts at some point during each day. It helps me get all the surface layer thoughts out so I can address them and take action or move on. Then my cranial capacity is able to have new thoughts - or I'm able to objectively talk about what's going on, at least.

I got hung up when I first started blogging, thinking every post had to be life changing (like "Stuff Christians Like"). I'd never post, because it was never good enough of an idea, or it would take forever to cross-reference all the uber I wanted to include.

I got past that by just posting...anything. Write a haiku. Tomorrow, talk about your favorite shoelaces. Eventually, a great idea will come up, and you'll instinctively think to share that on your blog.

If your like me, and your audience is your friends anyway, just remember we all like to hear anything you have to say - it doesn't have to be edifying every time. :)

I hope that helped, cause I was feeling it!! :D

minivanlife said...

Well, I'm no help here, because as you well know, I often go months without blogging. Still have my February banner up. UGH... For me, it's not about having a block. It's about having the time to do it the way I want to. I want the pretty pics in EVERY post and just the right words. When I blog, it takes me no less than an hour or two to get pics taken, edited in photoshop, posted on flickr, write the blog and post the pics there. I guess it's the perfectionist in me. She's quite annoying... and not very thorough as my messy house quite clearly shows! I just don't have the time to DAILY do that. And when I skip a few days I have a tendency to just not do it at all.

However, I probably don't share as much personally on my blog as you do. About feelings and thoughts. That's a hangup I have... it's hard for me to do that unless it's with someone I'm very close with. I probably should try to share more like you do.

Love you Beth!!!