Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy birthday to Pat-Pat!

Patrick, you are the most wonderful little boy.
You look like a little man in a tiny little body.
When I look at you, I am reminded of God's love.
You were created in someone else's body, but you were made for our family.
You like to do a roll call to check everyone's location, so you yell , "Mama, da da" until we answer.
Your sissy wants you to say her name so badly.
She practices with you a lot.
You hug her fiercely.
I want to shelter you from every bad thing out there.
You look like your big sissy.
You have huge hands and feet.
I love your chubby leg rolls.
You walk like an old cowboy.
You have never met a stranger.
When we walked through the airport, you pointed and waved to strangers like a king.
You are so laid back.
You need your naps and can't wait to stretch out in your bed with a bottle.
You are so wiggly.
You ate a lot of fried okra today at lunch.
You are being celebrated in two states with two birthday parties.
You love Willie and try to kiss him.
You love Mickey and grabbed his fur.
You love Sparky, but he's not a big fan of you.
You say "bay-uh" like a southerner when you wave your backwards goodbye.
I love you fiercely and I'm so thankful that you are in our family.
Your daddy growls at you and you laugh and pull his goatee.
You reach for me when you fall down.
You laugh a big ol' gutteral laugh when your big sis does something silly.

Happy first birthday, sweet boy.


Elizabeth Crawford said...

Happy birthday Patrick! I pray that you celebrate a lifetime of birthdays with him!

OneMommasThoughts said...

He certainly was created just for your family! He is such a blessed little boy to have the family that he has, and he is such a blessing for everyone around him. His smile lights up any room and his laughter is contagious. Happy Birthday lil' man!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet :)