Sunday, April 4, 2010

A quick Easter bunny story

I should be getting dressed, getting my kids fed, etc. But, I remembered this story this morning and needed to blog. Priorities, right?

When Steven and I lived in Georgia, we owned a house that had about 3/4 of an acre backyard. It backed up to the woods. This was Easter 2003, so it was before Maggie and Patrick. We had Willie and Gracie.

Gracie was my Valentine's present from the year before. She was a tabby with white paws.

On Easter morning, I got up and let Willie outside. Gracie liked to stay outside all night.

We had a back porch and as I opened the back door, I saw a horrible site.

Gracie killed a bunny and left it by the back door for us as a present. Gracie killed a bunny. ON EASTER MORNING.

She killed the Easter bunny.


Full Circle said...

Bahahaahaa. ok, the irony in that is too much. love it!

Elizabeth said...

That is an amazing story! It's like the Anti-Easter story. I love it!

Shanna said...

So sad! Our pastor told the best story this morning, too bad you didn't know this trick so you could've saved the Easter bunny. Are you ready for it...You should have sprayed it with "hare" spray! Restores life to dead hare"! I know right!

Shanna said...

This blog has the whole story