Monday, April 12, 2010


Six? What the what? My baby can't be six years old!

I must admit that the first year was pretty rough. You were not the um, easiest baby ever.

However, I love you so much. You are my little buddy. You hate it when I call you little though. I know you are not supposed to be friends with your kids. But, you are my friend and my daughter.

You have the sweetest heart. You love your little brother and love to help me out with him.

You love Kindergarten and you are doing so well. You love your teacher and your friends in your class.

You are reading up a storm. My favorite part of your birthday party was watching you read your birthday cards out loud.

You have a BFF. I can't believe how quickly you and Katelyn became attached to each other. You met at Meet the teacher night and you have been best friends ever since. She is the sweetest thing and is perfect for you. You are different, but just compliment each other so well.

You love Jesus and you want others to know about His love. I love it when you tell me about telling your friends about Jesus.

You became a big sister this year. We kind of sprung that one on you, but you quickly adjusted to it. You never complain about him. You love playing with him and you are his biggest encourager! You love to cheer him on as he learns to sit up, crawl, walk, etc. You don't even mind picking up your stuff so that he doesn't eat it.

You love your daddy.

You are trying to be grown up. It's hard to watch you spread your wings. You told me this morning that you are going to start calling me mom. Actually, you said, "Mommy, I'm going to stop calling you mommy. Is that okay, Mommy?". You want to be a big girl, but you are still a little girl, too.

I love you, sweet (baby) girl.


Full Circle said...

Beth, that's gonna make me cry. Look at that *little girl* on the beach. >>sniff:sniff<<.

Happy Birthday Magpie!

Anonymous said...

oh dang... sniff, sniff... Happy Birthday Maggie!

Shanna said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Maggie!

Brynn Gieger said...

Wow - I wasn't expecting to, but I'm totally crying. But don't worry, I'm not mad. If you had written the words to Butterfly Kisses and I cried I would be pissed!