Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My son is a bully

I have come to terms with the fact that my cute, adorable son is a bully. He is easy going and sweet to adults, but when it comes to babies who are smaller than him....he's a bully.

Well, okay, really, he's just a bully to Silas. Silas is Brynn's son
Silas is older than Patrick, but a little smaller and he came over on Monday afternoon so his mom and dad could go save the world or something. Silas was so cute and woke up from his nap in the pack and play and wanted his paci for a few more minutes after he woke up. My son crawled over to the barely awake Silas and took out his paci. He took it out of his mouth and then held it right out of Silas' reach. I gave it back to Silas and Patrick did this same action over and over again.

The oddest thing was that he would look at Silas after he did it to see how Silas would react.

He's a big bully.

When they play together at church, Patrick immediately goes to whatever Silas has and tries to take it away from him.

I wouldn't play with Patrick anymore if I was Silas.

This is so different from what I am used to dealing with. I am used to my very dramatic, very sensitive little girl getting her feelings hurt because someone forgot to wave to her in the parking lot. Or they didn't notice that she was wearing a new pink skirt with sparkles on it.

Could I have two more opposite kids?

Good thing they are cute.

(Wouldn't that be a good title to a blog? Or a good way to end every post about my kids? Good thing they are cute? I sense a new catch phrase coming on....)


Bug said...

It is a good thing they are cute, because if they were ugly, I couldn't be their Memaw.


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TheSantangelos said...

Yeah both mine are bullies... It's upsetting :(

Anonymous said...

Oh come on now... that's not bullying... that's learning! The relationship of cause and effect. He was just testing out a theory... You've a Smart one on your hands! Cute and smart!

Brynn said...

Don't worry about Silas. He will get Patrick back by gradually frying his brain with his laser eyes.