Monday, April 19, 2010

Maggie's first game

On Friday night, Maggie had her first soccer game. Her team's name is the "puppies". What a feriocious name!

Maggie is um, not very athletic. She likes to dance on the field and slow down to wave at the camera more than she likes to kick the ball. But, it's fun! Her daddy is the coach of the fighting puppies. Katelyn's mom is the assistant coach. Her job is to stand on the side lines and tell them which way to go to the goal. They are usually going the wrong way!

The ferioucous puppies didn't win their first game. They lost to some stinky boys. But, they fought hard. Maggie's BFF, Katelyn, even scored a goal!

Maggie made up a cheer for the puppies. Just ask her about it, she will give you a demonstration.

She was sad to "not win" the game,but some yogafina (frozen yogurt) made it a better day!


The K. Morgan Crawfords said...

"They lost to some stinky boys." What a funny post! I love that Maggie dances and poses better than kicks the ball - hilarious! Cheers for many more...cheers and a soccer games!

beth said...

P.S. I have changed my misspelling of "ferocious" 3 times now and it won't fix it.

minivanlife said...

"Ferocious Puppies"... that is great! Aidan's team are the "Neons" (their jerseys are the color of the yelow highligher - neons are also a TINY little fish)... isn't that intimidating?! Athough to be fair, the coach picked the name (and it's hard to argue with someone that looks like him - all muscular and not at all HOT).

Glad to hear that Maggie is enjoying soccer. Lilianne seems tempted by it, but she's sticking hard with ballet for now. And Sarah is going to do whatever Lili does! So great that Stephen gets to coach her team. Those Daddies have to stick close to those girls!