Monday, March 22, 2010


Patrick is hurting tonight. I went to his room around 9 p.m. because he was crying. I went in to check on him and see if I could get him back to sleep. When I went in his room, he was SCREAMING. I couldn't get him to stop crying. He just cried and cried. He was drooling and putting his fingers in his mouth.

I gave him some tylenol and brought him in the living room to rock him. He still screamed but I got him to calm down a little bit. Finally, the tylenol kicked in and he fell asleep and I got him back in his bed.

We never went through this with Maggie. It's painful to watch.

So, what worked for you? Any tips to get him some quick relief?


MrsGuipo said...
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MrsGuipo said...

Owen really liked the teething massager. When they bite down on it, it vibrates or massages their gums. Jude really didn't use anything.

Valerie said...

I don't have my own baby, but the ones I have kept all do the wet rag trick.... just ring it out well and it some knots in it and he'll go to town :)

Tanya said...

My Dad said my grandmother used to give me raw squid to chew on to soothe my teething, but I am not sure where you would find that!

I didn't try that on my kids. Aiden was really bad with the teething too. We used TUBES of oraljel. And also frozen teethers. I hope Patrick feels better soon! At least it only lasts a few years.

Brynn said...

So, Beth - I thought Patrick might just be a crazy baby because Silas has 2 teeth and never acted like that UNTIL this morning. Oh my gosh! I thought his appendix has burst! I think I did exactly what you did. So, no advice here. Just empathy. Lots of empathy.

Full Circle said...

Rum.. or burbon. Anything that goes down smooth. Oh, and a soft knuckle on mama's hand for the baby. lol.