Friday, January 30, 2009

Paula Deen, how I love thee

It's funny because I feel like I am pretty adjusted to California. For the most part, I don't even notice the glaring differences between the south and California anymore. But, there is just something about this woman.

I watch Food Network whenever I can and when her theme song comes, I feel the tears in my eyes start to form.

I can honestly say that I don't have a woman like her in my life. I think she's the compliation of a representation of the south to me.

She reminds me of the women that would stop and talk to me about what I was going to make for dinner while I was grocery shopping. I didn't know them, but they would comment on my cute baby girl and offer comments on what should make for dinner.

She reminds me of Miss Bobbie. She would paint faces for kids on Tuesday nights at my beloved Chick Fil A. She was the sweeetest person that I have ever met. She would coo and coddle the kids that she was painting. Every Tuesday night was a fight with Maggie because she didn't want to wash off all of the princess paint and glitter that Miss Bobbie had lovingly put all over her face that night.

So, I don't have real relationships with these women. It's just a feeling that they give off.And I want to be them when I grow up.

I want to be the person who loves on kids and cooks yummy meals that make people feel good. I want people to want to look forward to coming over to my house. I secretly would love to go to Paula Deen's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Not just for the wonderful food, but they all look like they are having a great time and really enjoy being together and teasing each other.

And, I'd be okay with being an overweight white haired lady, too. It doesn't seem to slow her down at all.


Bug said...

Beth, this blog about Paula Deen and the one about Bethlehem are better than most of the "columns" that I have read in newspapers. I think you have a gift for writing. Wonder where it came from?

Rebekah Sanders said...

Paula Deen reminds me of my Gram. She's Mississippi born and bred and the epitome of a Southern lady. However, if I were to tell my Gram that she reminded me of Paula, she'd likely take me out behind the woodshed! She can't stand the woman and thinks she's fake and "just a Yankee prentending to be from the South." I love my Gram!

Valerie said...

Oh Beth, I love Paula too- and I still see EVERY difference from CA and the south... just glad to know that I am not the only one who misses it!
Hey btw, do you buy Paula Dean cooking products? They are excellent!