Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My daughter likes to play wii. A lot.

She downloaded a Jesus mii and she likes to choose him for some of the sports. She especially likes him when she is boxing. Which, I admit, is kind of disturbing on some level. But, funny, too.

She is bowling right now with Jesus. This is the conversation that took place while she was bowling.

Maggie: Did they have bowling alleys in Bethlehem?
Me: no
Maggie: Well, then, how did God put that idea in people's heads to have bowling alleys?

Anyone got an answer?


Elaina said...

LOL funnny she is so cute!!! Well I guess you can say that he had not put the idea of the bowling ball in peoples heads yet so they could invent bowling allies lol :) That is a hilarious thought though of them not having running water yet having a bowling ally

Carolyn said...

I just googled bowling and history. There is more info than you would care to go through. It is not surprising to me that a form of it is an ancient game. One of England's kings also felt he had to ban it in order to keep his archers focused on their practice.


beth said...

Oh, that is interesting. Maggie and I will have to look that up this afternoon after preschool. Thanks.