Friday, January 9, 2009

My daughter is hilarious....maybe I'm a little biased

Here is the latest installment of Maggie fun sayings:

* We were in Louisiana for Katie's wedding. We brought our wii with us (yes, we are nerds). Papa has a huge flat screen tv. After we got home, Maggie said "what happened to our tv? It used to be huge and now it is shrunk."

* We were in a very posh hotel with an even more posh bed. The bedding was plush and made our little heater (aka Maggie) very hot at night. She would wake up hot and sweaty in the morning. One morning, she was telling Steven about being hot after she woke up. She said, "I went to bed and I was fine. I woke up and BOOM...I was sweaty".

* She has decided that all of her stuffed animals have the last name "Summers" which is my maiden name.

* Last night, I went to the store to get some ornament storage boxes. I asked Steven if he needed anything and she piped up" Yes, I need some bottles for my babies. They are very thirsty". It was an automatic she had been thinking about this "need" for some time.

* She has 7 babies in her tummy right now and if you touch her tummy, they kick you very violently.

* She is obsessed with the chicken dance now since going to Katie's wedding. She loves to demonstrate it for anyone that asks to see the dance.

* She is becoming such a big girl. We went to Costco and she would mark off the things on the list as we picked them up. I would tell her the first few letters of what we just bought and she would scratch them off.

* Tanya told her that the best words in the world are "free and coupons". She lives by this mantra now and loves "snack time" with the free samples at Costco.

* She can spell certain words. Some of the bad words on her list are dumb and stupid. I spelled that something was "d-u-m-b" to Steven and she quickly got onto me for using a bad word.

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Bug said...

I, too, like snack time at Costco. Maybe we will get one soon. That day we went, I had two appetizers (nachos and salsa and spinach dip and crackers), soup (chicken noodle), two main dishes, (chicken stir fry and something I can't remember) and dessert (blaklava). Yummy. I was quite full!