Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meeting Jesus in the coffee shop

Today there was a man walking back and forth in front of the coffee shop this afternoon. He is one of those guys that you notice because he is kind of dirty looking and mumbling to himself. He walked back and forth several times in front of the store.

He came in the store and started asking me about my computer. I guess I should have thought about that when I ordered a pink laptop. I get so many comments about it.

He asked me a lot of random questions that didn't really make sense. As I was trying to answer him, I felt an urge to pray for him. I normally would be scared and shaken by these kind of conversations. But, I just felt really bad for him. He was mentally disturbed but wasn't harmful.

When I see guys like this (and I have been noticing a lot of people walking in front of my house lately who are talking to themselves), I wonder what happened. How did they fall through the cracks of normal society? How could we really help them? Do they want to be helped or is it our guilt that makes us want to help them? How would Christ truly treat someone like this?

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