Friday, September 12, 2008

What's been going on in our house

On Friday, a CPS worker came to our house and did our 2nd to last home visit. She talked to us a little and showed us the pictures of kids who were available for adoption. We got to look at lots of pictures and background information. It was cool, but strange to try to pick a child for our family.

We both really liked one little girl who is 7 months old. We submitted our interest and our case worker told us that we would hear back on Tuesday.

After a very long day, we heard on Wednesday that we weren't matched together. She was placed with another family.

I was very upset, but I have to know that it's God's plan. My mom said that there were so many people praying that it had to be what God wanted for our family and for the little girl. I really will keep praying for her and for her protection. She is a cutie and deserves the best after a rough start to life.


Bug said...

I miss her already. I miss the little cutie that is in Oregon, too. But, please don't quit telling me what is going on. I can take it....I'm a big girl!!!!!
We are watching the hurricane coverage (Saturday morning) and are getting phone calls from Mr. Tom's kids about what is going on in Houston and Louisiana.

Anonymous said...

Awww, so sorry Beth. I can't imagine how hard that must be to go through. We are praying for you guys AND your new baby wherever he/she may be.