Friday, September 5, 2008

Things heard at adoption orientation meetings

Last night, we went to an orientation meeting at another agency. We are considering switching agencies. We have another home visit with CPS tonight, so we shall see. It's a very tough decision, so in order to stop pondering the seriousness of this....

1. Last night, there was a couple who didn't speak very good english. They asked about 15 questions last night and they were so incredibly random. For example, "Let's just say that there is a baby born in the boon docks of Yosemite, but the mom is from San Diego. What do you do about international adoption?"

I am so serious. That was verbatium. I wrote it down.

I started giggling everytime he would raise his hand.

2. "do you ever adopt children Belgium?

I would guess that there is not a large population of children needing to be adopted from Belgium. That one's not as funny written down, but maybe it was just the moment!

3. Our orientation guy was telling this story about how he has adopted 7 children. He had 7 children to begin with and2 of his girls have major issues. He was telling us about how those 2 girls don't have any contact with them now because of attachment issues. Not really a funny topic. But, from the other side of the room, the belgium guy BUSTS out laughing. I don't know why. It was so awkward.

4. From our first adoption orientation meeting a year ago, my favorite all time question:

"If my children were taken away from me by CPS, can I become a foster parent now?"


For a good time, go to an adoption orientation meeting!


Steven Cole said...

You forgot "If I am a convicted felon, can I be a foster parent?"

Anonymous said...

yikes...those are pretty scary...and really funny at the same time!

Bug said...

Why didn't you ask:
If I have an outie belly button, can I adopt a baby with in an "innie"?