Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Book giveaway

I joined MomSelect. Occasionally, they will send me emails to see if I am interested in reviewing a product and giving away the product. Right up my alley!

I have 2 books to give away and 5 web access code cards.They are scratch-off cards for a FREE premium "Rainbow Membership" trial on

The book is really cute. It's about a little girl who has an guardian angel that only she can see. Maggie and I have been reading a chapter at a time. She begged to read some more of it tonight. I like the references to God and praying for guidance. Of course, an imaginary friend really resonates with Maggie.

The website isn't ready for us yet. We preregistered to be a part of the website. It looks cute. It's a virtual reality site, kind of like a webkinz site. You have a world and decorate your room and play games. Very girl friendly.

The book is called: A Little Bit of Faith. If you are interested, post a comment and I will randomly select the winner and send the winner an email. Be sure to include your email address in your comment. I have 2 books to give away.

I have 5 web access codes. The first 5 people who post that they are interested, I will send a code to them.


Rebekah Sanders said...

I'm interested in a code and entering for the book! Great give-away! I think you have my email address or you can just facebook me.

Carolyn said...

Enter me into the book giveaway. It sounds like a book I might be able to share with my 4 yr olds. If I don't win the book, I'll need the IBN to buy one for myself. I wish things like this had been around when Rochelle was little. Thanks.

PW and Mom of 3 said...

G'Morning Beth!
I would LOVE to have the code and/or the book!
Melanie had an imaginary friend when she was little.
This sounds like something I could share with the (younger than Melanie) girls at church.
Michelle(in OK)

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,

I am interested in a code and for entering for the book. Thanks! Rochelle

Sarah said...

Not so much for the code since Anne is still little but the book I'm up for!