Monday, September 1, 2008

I go in waves

Why do I want to post like 3 posts in one day and then I can't think of anything to post for a while? I guess I get them all out and then I have nothing to say?

What did you do for Labor Day? Steven played golf and Maggie and I went to the mall and looked around. She got a new ariel dress for her build a bear. I got some new lip gloss.

I bought a tri tip for dinner and cooked in it in our persnickety oven. It was so yummy. I know that tri tip is not only available in California, but I had never had it before we moved here. It's so yummy.

We have been watching Gustav on the news today. I'm from Houma and Morgan City where it hit. My dad is in New Orleans and decided to stay. He's fine, just lost power. It's weird to see Houma and Morgan City on the news though.They are pretty small towns! I bet they wish that they weren't on tv for this though.

Now, I'm off to have some peppermint tea and watch our wedding video with Maggie

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Anonymous said...

What's a tri tip!?! Labor day was just another day around here. Kris worked and the kids and I did our, cleaning and playing (basically because I forgot it was labor day!) Yeah, I have a problem with the regular blogging too. I WANT to do it every day...but quite frankly, it takes a lot of time. Take pics, edit them, load them, write the blog and transfer pics to least an hour usually. I seriously don't have a lot of free time as it is!!