Sunday, June 15, 2008

Okay, here's the deal

A small smattering of my random thoughts:
1. Maggie said, "okay, here's the deal" to me tonight. She was ordering me around about getting her qwamy to her. It was pretty funny.
2. I have so many things that I want to do and I can't find the time/won't organize myself to do them. You know when you come back to your house after a visit away and you see all the things that you have been putting off. That's all the stuff that I see.
3. I was a bit snappy today at maggie. I feel so bad now. She drives me bonkers sometimes. Her mouth never, ever stops. And she lives in "maggie world" where she tunes me out most of the time. She just kind of floats in and out of the real world when it's convenient for her.
4. We swang on the big swing tonight. It was such a nice, cool night with the breeze. She laid in my lap and we talked about how God was pushing our swing with the breeze.
5. I'm trying to catch up on work since I've been on vacation for the past few weeks. I just barely did the minimum of work that had to be done. Now, I have to get busy and get it out of the way so I can have fun.
6.Steven wanted to watch golf all day today for father's day. His requests are such simple ones. It doesn't take much money to make him happy. Just let him have the remote and some golf!
7. This made me want to cry tonight. Maggie was trying on a bathing suit from a hand me down bag. It was so stinking cute. Green with pink polka dots. It was a little small though. She started crying and saying that she looked fat. Where did she get this? She is not fat at all. Who said that in front of her? Why does she care? UGH!

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PrincessBeth said...

TV and other girls/kids her age...any that have older siblings. It is unreal where they pick it up from! I just cut our cable back to the very basic. Only extras we have are TBS, two Christian stations, HSN (ick!), CW (whatever that is) and some other movie channel that is VERY family friendly! :) AND it is only $17.50 a month! WOOT! If I took it all the way off we would only get CBS & ABC! :( I can't live without PBS! LOL