Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yes, that's my husband!

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I have posted some new pictures. You can see them here.

We have been some busy, busy people.

The first few pictures are our last days in Georgia. Maggie is wearing her "war eagle" costume!

Then, some pictures of Grandmother and Uncle Jonathan.

Then, we went to San Francisco with Tanya and Noah and their family. It was so much fun. Steven got picked out of the audience to hold a pole for this acrobat while she juggled fire.


Jared Beck said...

Beffy! you're supposed to post your pictures on your BLOG! Don't you know how that works?? :)

I'm seriously one to talk...I haven't posted since April. But, I'm definitely updating this weekend! If it's the last thing I do!

When you coming down to SD??

Love ya,
Kim - you didn't room with me in college! ha ha!

Brandy said...

Holy crap! I wouldn't have recognized Jonathon if I'd been face to face with him! How old was he the last time I saw him? I didn't realize you had all those pics on an album. I'm off to spy on you!