Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm not begging, really.

I don't know if people are reading my blog. I'm not begging you or being pathetic here, but I've noticed that I don't get any comments anymore. Even my husband noticed it. Hello? Is anybody out there?

A funny Maggie story: Maggie got some new rubber duckies yesterday. I saw them in the kitchen and yelled out to her, "hey maggie, where do you want to put your duckies?". No response.

I said: "hey maggie, do you want me to put your duckies in the bathroom?".
Maggie said: "no, mama, I don't want to take a bath".

I said: "Maggie, where do you want me to put these duckies?!"
Maggie said: "Mama, are you talking to me or to roomba?"


Rebekah Sanders said...

I'm here and reading. But I normally read through Bloglines, which makes my comments few and far between. Loving the posts though!

Carolyn said...

YES!!! I am checking EVERY day to see if you have posted something new about you, Maggie, and Steven (ESPECIALLY since he does not post very often! can tell him I said that... :) )

This is the next best thing to actually being there with you. It makes not being able to see you not so bad. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I can see Maggie growing up SO FAST through your words and pictures.

Love you,

Laura Leigh said...

I meant to write yesterday and got distracted. Of course I'm reading. Maggie stories are one of my reads.

:) Laura

PrincessBeth said...

I just re-found you Beth! I missed reading about your family and signed onto Xanga after not doing so for a few months and saw your post so came to check things had to join here! :)

Beth (in SC)

Brandy said...

I'm here! Read every couple of days. I can't even find the time to post on my own blog! But I'm here reading!