Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Warning: A cute puppy picture

Steven found the cutest puppies in the world on facebook in February. He thought we should get one for Maggie. It looked just like her American girl dog that Santa found for her.

I quickly agreed that Maggie needed this puppy. There were three puppies and I nonchalantly asked her which one was the cutest. She picked out this little guy.

He's been at our house for 3 months and he is almost 5 pounds now.

But, he's changed up our house with all of those 5 pounds. Copper is a happier dog. They wrestle and play all day long. He was so little that we had to get up and feed him puppy formula in the middle of the night. This confirmed for me that I was really, really done with having babies.

This is Maggie's puppy. However, like all animals, they quickly become attached to the moms in the house. He's my baby. He snuggles against me at night on the sofa. He rides with me to pick up the kids. By the way, Copper's not jealous of this, he gets way too car sick. Just in case you were worried that I was picking favorites.

He fills some small need that I had to have another baby. He is just the right size for me. I didn't even know I liked little dogs until I met him.

Yes, I have tried to dress him up. He didn't approve. He wore his tiny striped polo shirt and just shook with fear. Steven was glad.

So, for any other 35 year old mamas out there. I highly recommend getting a tiny puppy. It helps.

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