Monday, May 6, 2013


On Friday night, Steven was working at church. It has been an insane two weeks for him. He has been so, so busy. I have had to do more at home since he has been so busy. It hasn't been bad. In fact, Steven commented on how much we have grown in our marriage. Ten years ago, these two weeks would have led to a big fight. Now, I understand that these busy times come and go and they aren't a big deal.

He was still working and it was be a while that night. He came home and got Patrick and gave me money to take Maggie and go get pedicures. Maggie was beyond thrilled. Patrick couldn't wait to help Steven fix stuff around the church.

We made a quick Starbucks run, cause can you even go get a pedicure without coffee? Then, went to get pedis. There were lots of older ladies who oohed and ahhed over Maggie. They all wanted to take their granddaughters to the nail salon, too.

We got our toes pampered. Maggie picked out a hot pink and wanted paw prints on her big toes. The girl misunderstood and gave her polka dots, which were adorable. I got a pale blue. It was so fun. We just relaxed and talked and sipped tea.

My husband is awesome.

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