Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's day memories

These are memories that I never want to forget from this Mother's Day.

Breakfast in bed from my sweet husband. Patrick yelling,"happy breakfast time". Then, I asked him to snuggle me and he was annoyed and told me that now it was "happy boy's day".

Patrick getting sent out of Sunday school and having to walk down the aisle in the classic walk of shame as his daddy preached. Lip poked out in a slow march.

Steven preaching on being a woman of valor.

Maggie going with me to get Chinese food and holding my hand.

Celebrating the last frappucino happy hour cause why not?

Maggie working on her lemonade stand signs while face timing with katelyn.

Chasing after twix in the front yard.

Watching the kids swing in the backyard for a few peaceful moments until Patrick declared that Maggie was "ridiculowus" and the fun was over.

Making homemade gak.

Snuggling with the best kids in busy town.

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